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About us

Ninth Floor Productions agency was created in 2004 by a group of people interested in promoting the most original and forthcoming projects with improvising singers.
Besides working with professionals whose career has already been established we work for the benefit of those for whom singing career in jazz is a dream and a goal for life.

Therefore we

? organize events such as International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians called Voicingers, which takes place yearly in the Silesian town of Żory, Poland

? educate young singers through teaching improvisation, interpretation, rhythm, articulation and choir singing during Voicingers workshop for non-professionals conducted by an international group of singers and instrumentalists from different areas of jazz music.

? promote young generation of recording artists through concerts organized at Voicigers Festival stages.

? build a platform of international cooperation between musicians, promotors, journalists, labels, festivals, jazz competitions and clubs whose goal is to create real opportunities for Intercultural Music Exchange.

Voicingers Festival

The aim of the VOICINGERS International Jazz Days for Singing Musicians - organized by Ninth Floor Productions agency with cooperation with Żory Municipality and the Municipal Cultural Center in Żory under the artistic oversight of Żory-based jazz vocalist Grzegorz Karnas, the Kontrapunkt Cultural Association of Żory, and Ninth Floor Productions - is to propagate and highlight the musical realm of modern jazz singing.
The organizers' intent is to present a variety of vocalists, representing original artistic concepts rooted in musical traditions from every part of the world. This purpose is served by each aspect of the event's multifaceted character ? that of a seven-days festival, workshops, jam session as well as a competition.

It is primarily through this last component of VOICINGERS that its organizers wish to contribute to the career development of the most gifted vocalists pursuing the difficult profession of a performing jazz musician, by helping to promote their talent through exposition of their individual visions of musical expression. The adrenaline of performing with veteran musicians ? following nothing more than a single, brief rehearsal ? as well as that of a public performance, assessed by a panel of judges comprised of renowned, active professionals as well as musical journalists, provides an excellent setting for aspiring jazz vocalists to test their abilities.
The competition's Grand Prize ? an album release by a Slovak label HEVHETIA, two-day recording session in RecPublica studio in Lubrza, Poland and a monetary incentive will provide its recipient an opportunity to take their first major steps toward a professional career.

The organizers of VOICINGERS are glad to watch the festival, along with its workshops and its Jazz Comeptiton for Singing Musicians, become one of Europe's most prestigious events of its nature, and the city of Żory become Poland's capital of vocal jazz.
This years edtion will take the following title:

Voicingers - Intercultural Gathering for Music, Expression and Creativity
Żory, August 17-23, 2015


Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
European Music Festival 2013, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
European Music Festival 2013, Hanoi, Vietnam

Grzegorz Karnas Trio feat. Lukács Miklós
6th International Jazz Days for Singing Musicians Voicingers, Żory, PL

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Lamatin Jazz Festival, Szombathely, Hungary

Grzegorz Karnas Quintet with Radosław Nowicki
Napoca International Jazz Blues & Wine Festival, Romenia

Grzegorz Karnas Quintet with Radosław Nowicki
Sibiu Jazz Festival, Romenia

Grzegorz Karnas Quintet with Radosław Nowicki
Green Hourse, Bucharest, Romenia

Grzegorz Karnas Quintet with Radosław Nowicki
Ploiesti Hot Jazz Summit, Romenia

Grzegorz Karnas
Budapest, Hungary

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet feat. Elchin Shirinov
Klub Apropos, Wałbrzych, PL

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet feat. Elchin Shirinov
Scena SKYY, Piotrków Trybunalski, PL

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet feat. Elchin Shirinov
Miejski Dom Kultury, Radlin, PL

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet feat. Elchin Shirinov
Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Krakow, PL

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Pannonica (Sc?ne de Musiques Actuelles), Nantes, France

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Jazz ? l'Ouest Festival, Rennes, France

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Fürther Jazzvariationen, Fürth, Germany

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival, Luxemburg

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Music Village, Bruxelles

Grzegorz Karnas with Jazz City Choir
Jesień Jazzowa w Mazowszu, Otrębusy - Karolin

Grzegorz Karnas
International Jazz Days for Singing Musicians Voicingers, Żory

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Festiwal Panonica w Nantes, Francja

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska, Białystok

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Festiwal Jazzowy, Kijów

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet
Ambasada Polska, Praga

Edi Sanchez Quartet
Hilton Warszawa
5go Listopada

Grzegorz Karnas
Scena na Starówce - Żory

Grzegorz Karnas
International Jazz Festival - Kosice

Grzegorz Karnas
Live air and internet broadcast from Polish National Radio 3 (Koncert na żywo ze studia im A. Osieckiej - Warszawa)

Grzegorz Karnas
Harris Piano Jazz Bar - Kraków

Grzegorz Karnas
Internationale Jazztage, Domicil - Dortmund

Grzegorz Karnas
Polsko-Niemieckie Dni Kultury - Braunschweig


Ninth Floor Productions

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Inquiries about Voicingers Festival or Voicingers Platform - contact Katarzyna

For booking:

Grzegorz Karnas contact Edyta

Anna Gadt contact Agata

Jihye Lee contact Edyta

Edi Sanchez contact Alicja

Grzegorz Karnas

Grzegorz Karnas

Singer born in Upper Silesia, Poland, to a family devoid of musical traditions.
Karnas has worked with Poland's jazz legends as well as top-line artists of Europe?s jazz scene. In 2006 and 2007 he was awarded Grand Prix of jazz vocal competitions in Bruxelles and Crest, France. His being noticed by juries, journalists and audiences gave way to his band's touring in many corners of the world just to mention France, Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Great Britain, Romania, Moldova, Belgium, Morocco, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Vietnam or China including appearances at major jazz events such as London Jazz Festival. Since 2008 Karnas has been the spiritus movens of Intercultural Gathering for Creativity, Expression and Music ?Voicingers? ? an event contributing to both promotion of jazz singers at the very beginning of their international careers as well as music education for nonprofessionals. His album under the title ?KARNAS? was released in 2011 by a Slovak label Hevhetia and his live performances from Budapest became succesful releases under a Hungarian label BMC Records as AUDIO BEADS (2012) and VANGA (2014) making Karnas a distinctive element of European jazz scene.

Anna Gadt

The polish jazz scene comes from the passion and revolt against reality. Two icons of this music genre are Krzysztof Komeda and Tomasz Stanko. The leader and vocalist of the quartet is also inclined in this direction.
Anna Gadt was born in Poland, a country "in-between" the East and West. And so she feels like being an in- betweener, combining both a Slavic temperament and a typical Scandinavian melancholy within her work. This charismatic vocalist, whose voice is filled with nostalgia and longing, is assisted by a trio: Lukasz Ojdana - piano, Maciej Garbowski - Bass, Krzysztof Gradziuk - drums.
The band insists on a sonorist approach to music, which focuses not on exposing technology, but on the sonic properties of the music.
Anna Gadt as a composer and songwriter expresses herself through color, silence and space, apart from the conventional means of sounds and words. She channels her creativity through broadly defined improvised music, in which spontaneity and freedom of expression are overriding objectives.

Anna Gadt
Jihye Lee

Jihye Lee

A singer from Seoul bridging music traditions of Far East and European West with her compositions and vocal techniques influenced by traditional jazz, Korean traditional music, free improvising music and modern art. Since the release of her first CD 'Goblin bee' by a Slovak label Hevhetia, Jyhye Lee has been actively performing in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Slovakia and Korea.

Edilson Sanchez

Since his arriving in Poland in 2005, bass player Edi Sanchez has continuously had on his mind building his own project having been a sideman of many top artists of the music scene in Colombia where he comes from. What he finds the most interesting element of his current project is the mix of his jazz-funk natural skills with traditional Colombian music (one of the richest folk in the world) and the "trietnic" Latin-American culture. After playing with numerous polish jazz musicians whose background is jazz Sanchez finally managed to pick three outstanding bands with whom he feels comfortable playing.

Edilson Sanchez